Lycia activates my well being

Who is Lycia?

For over 30 years, Lycia has been helping every one to take care of their own wellbeing.

Lycia activates daily my well being with effective, delicate and innovative products, providing the perfect response to all of my needs.  Each product is the result of extensive ongoing research and an unwavering focus on quality.


Lycia quality: Innovation and Safety.

Ongoing innovation: The high standards of quality, safety and effectiveness of Lycia products are the result of ongoing research and testing. The study and application of major scientific discoveries is conducted by a team of experts, supported by international university professors specialised in the Dermatology and Cosmetics field.

Lycia's expert researchers share a keen sensitivity, which helps them to develop simple, essential formulations that are effective yet delicate, responding to the needs of each and every one of us.

Simple formulas, without overlooking maximum safety and guaranteed effectiveness: each one is dermatologically tested at leading private institutes, internationally certified and recognised. Lycia products are not tested on animals. Special attention is paid to the ingredients: Lycia uses only raw materials with certified origin, which are subject to strict quality controls. Ongoing product-oriented study through: new pleasant and sensorial textures to give you “wellbeing and harmony”.

New active ingredients with high levels of purity, safety and guaranteed effectiveness. Strict selection and controls of packaging materials in direct contact with the products. Awareness of environmental issues, paying particular attention to the use of energy sources (air, water,  soil) and regard for the living heritage: flora and fauna.

Animal derivatives are excluded and natural substances from renewable sources are prioritised.